MANCHESTER, N.H. (NEWS CENTER) — “You just call – out my name,” sung James Taylor as he crooned a crowd of over 3,000 people at a Get Out the Vote rally for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton called on Taylor as well as Kazir Khan — the father of a fallen soldier who spoke at the Democratic National Convention earlier this year — to energize her supporters Sunday in Manchester, New Hampshire.

She needs the help in the Granite State after recent polls show a tightening race for her there.

Clinton did get some good news Sunday that could provide a boost.

A letter from FBI Director James Comey was made public just hours before Clinton’s appearance at the Raddison Hotel Armory, saying the bureau is sticking with its previous assessment that it will not charge the Democratic candidate with a crime for her use of a private email server to store classified information.

That campaign issue resurfaced last week after more emails were found on a laptop during another FBI investigation.

Clinton’s supporters in New Hampshire say they feel validated in their opinions of her. Some also do not feel tired of the 2016 campaign, even as it draws closer to an end with roughly a day to go until Election Day.

“I have three girls," Hudson resident Debbie Lane said, "and growing up, being in New Hampshire, for them, it was great to listen to what the politicians had to say, listen to the debates."

That said, how much do New Hampshire’s four electoral votes matter for the candidates?

They are critical enough that both Donald Trump and President Obama will visit the state Monday to get their supporters and anyone undecided to the polls.