MANCHESTER, N.H. (NEWS CENTER) — With only 15 days to go in the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton held a rally Monday at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Her special guest was Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

"Jobs in infrastructure," Clinton said while outlining her plans to add jobs. "Our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our parks, our mass transit, our water systems. There is a lot of great work to be done here.

"And guess what? These are jobs that can't be exported," she said. "They've got to be done right here in New Hampshire and across America."

Sen. Warren sang her praises. "Hillary Clinton is the granddaughter of a factory worker, and she is going to be president," she said. "That is the America we believe in. We fight for that America."

But of course, it wouldn't be a rally this election cycle without some mention of Donald Trump. Both Warren and Clinton took the opportunity to capitalize on insults he has thrown their way.

Warren hammered down on Trump's "nasty woman" comment from the third debate, saying, "We nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever."

Warren and Clinton also touched on Trump's claims of a rigged election.

"That is a direct threat to our democracy," Clinton said. "I'm not going to try to call it anything else because that's what it is."

Warren echoed the sentiment. "Let's be clear. Donald Trump is right. The game is rigged. It's rigged for guys like Donald Trump," she said.

Those words got many in the crowd riled up.

Clinton wrapped up her 45-minute speech by borrowing a saying first lady Michelle Obama has used often during her campaign.

"When they go low," she said, and the crowd yelled back, "We go high."

Clinton and Warren also encouraged New Hampshire voters to choose Democrat down the ballot, including electing now-governor Maggie Hassan to U.S. Senate.

Donald Trump was in St. Augustine, Florida, Monday, but his son Donald Trump Jr. plans to make stops for his father in Lewiston, Auburn and Gray Tuesday.