BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — In the final days before the election, both parties are ramping up their efforts in the state.

Volunteers in the 2nd Congressional District worked to "Get Out The Vote," going door to door and making phone calls Sunday.

"It's important to get every person that we haven't reached to vote,” Hampden resident Bill Lippincott said.

Lippincott spent the afternoon canvassing for the Emily Cain campaign, targeting registered voters who have not yet indicated whether they have voted or plan to vote for the Democrat candidate.

"This team is taking nothing for granted," Cain said. "Since the very beginning, we've known we were going to have to fight for every vote, knock on every door."

Cain rallied a number of volunteers ahead of an afternoon push at her Bangor office.

This in the midst of what both congressional campaigns admit is a very close race. It is also the most costly in the state's history.

The Poliquin campaign spent $678, 272 from Oct. 1-19, according to the latest FEC filing. That compared to Cain’s $1.1 million.

"The amount of money that's been spent is enormous," Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage said. "But the important thing to remember is only people in the [2nd District] get to vote, and no matter how much money is spent, it all comes down to going and casting your vote."

Savage checked in with the volunteers Sunday at their Bangor office.

"It's extremely important if you want the continuation of this country,” Elaine Young said.

Young spent the afternoon taking part in phone banking efforts. She said both Donald Trump and Bruce Poliquin are crucial to maintaining America’s “sovereignty.”

Young claims Cain is closely aligned and “dishonest,” like Hillary Clinton.

“One day, [Trump’s] doing seven rallies across the country," Young said. "If he can do that, we can at least be here and make a few phone calls."

As the election nears and campaign efforts intensify at every level, the hope for campaign officials is that volunteers like Young and Lippincott can lead their candidate to victory.

"This is just an incredibly vital election," Lippincott said. "It makes a huge difference who we have representing us."