LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — After the most expensive Congressional campaign ever in Maine, Emily Cain and Bruce Poliquin began their final search for votes Monday.

Both candidates spent the morning in downtown Lewiston — the largest city in the huge 2nd Congressional District — and both told NEWS CENTER they believe their race is very close, on the eve of Election Day.

The race is a rematch of the one from 2014. In that election, Poliquin defeated Cain by a comfortable margin to win his first term in Congress. But a few months later, Cain announced she would run again. This time, the race appears to be virtually even, and voter turnout may prove to be the key.

That turnout will be driven in part by the presidential race. The Donald Trump campaign has made it clear they are hoping to win the 2nd District and collect an electoral vote. Maine is one of only two states that can split their electoral votes by Congressional District.

Some pundits have predicted the presidential turnout will determine the winner of the race for Congress, but both Poliquin and Cain made it clear they are focused on rounding up their own voters. Cain told NEWS CENTER the race is close enough that she can win, while Poliquin said he believes voters in "CD 2" will return him to office.

Both campaigns expected to have volunteers and phone banks working much of Monday night and through the day Tuesday, to make sure their voters get to the polls.