WILTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins took advantage of the early celebrations for Maine Maple Sunday by visiting the sugar shack at Black Acres Farm.

Collins was greeted Saturday morning by the owner of the farm who is Republican State Rep. Russell Black. While she made her way through the sugar shack shaking hands and tasting the maple products she also took time to voice her concerns about climate change.

"The changes in our climate are affecting their production cycles last year for example when we had an exceptionally cold winter the production was very late this year, it started actually in January in some parts of the state," said Collins.

Both Collins and Black have been outspoken about climate change.

"We have to adapt all the time, it seems to be a constant battle to adapt to the weather changes," said Black.

Collins said her childhood in Aroostook County has made her passionate about this issue.

"Having grown up in Aroostook County in an area that is predominantly agricultural to this very day I was always very aware of the cycles of nature, I picked potatoes as a child and I really appreciated the way of life agriculture gives to an area," said Collins.

For Black, he expressed his concern about the future of farming. He said he hopes his farm can be a way of life for generations to come, and for that reasons, vows to continue to push for policy changes aimed at helping climate change.

"I want to take care and be good to what I have been given. I want to leave the land, soil and water in better shape than what I found it," said Black.