BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appeared at Cross Insurance Center Friday morning to support Hillary Clinton.

He spoke to voters about raising taxes on the wealthy and expanding healthcare, as well as lowering the cost of education. Sen. Sanders said rural areas in Maine need investment.

Sanders also stressed children shouldn't worry about getting into college depending on what their family makes.

"If we say to any kid in this country, regardless of income, you come from northern Maine, regardless of your income, you are going to be able to get a college education and not leave school in debt," Sanders said. "That is pretty revolutionary that is pretty profound."

He called out Donald Trump for wanting more taxes and said Clinton wants to invest in young people.

"If Donald Trump is elected it will be a major, major setback to everything that many of the people supported me believe in. We believe in bringing people together, we believe in a non-discriminatory society," Sanders said. "Trump is very much the opposite."

The millennial vote could be a determining factor in this year's election but some have decided not to vote at all now. By showing his support for Hilary Clinton, Sanders hopes to change their minds.

"I think he's looking to inspire people that voted for him, to vote for Hillary. He's doing a very good job, that was a very good speech, electrifying, funny and accurate," said attendee Ryan Tripp.

Sanders hopes voters take the time to truly think about which candidate they feel best lines up with their own values before casting their ballot in November.