LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — As the Trump administration tries to negotiate some kind of end to the confrontation with North Korea, Rep. Bruce Poliquin says he is also worried about what’s happening with that nation.

His comments on Thursday followed a visit to the Lewiston Vet Center, where the issues were VA benefits and programs, not the threat of nuclear conflict.

The 2nd District Republican told NEWS CENTER diplomatic efforts need to continue, and the increased economic sanctions should also help. But he said he Trump administration needs to push Pacific allies to be more involved.

"And we have to work with our neighbors," Rep. Poliquin said. "I tell you who’s got to lose as much as anyone else is China, Japan and South Korea, so working with them, [we must be] very engaged in that and we have to make sure we solve this problem."

Poliquin would not comment on the recent controversial statements from President Trump, but did express strong support for U.S. military leaders, and said the country must remain "vigilant."

"But I tell you we have the wherewithal and the commitment to defend our homeland and defend our allies and we will do that," he said.