SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The election is over, but Bernie Sanders supporters are still passionate about the former presidential candidate and current Senator from Vermont.

Hundreds of them gathered Monday at the Books-A-Million store in South Portland, a stop on his new book tour.

The book, "Our Revolution," focuses on his unexpected success in the Democratic primary and his vision for the future. Six hundred people pre-bought the book and waited in line to meet Sanders and get a photo with the man who inspired millions of supporters, including young people.

"The people who follow him can still make a difference if we don't stand down and let hate define us," Kaylie Hobson of South Portland said. "That's not what America is about."

Sanders is traveling to cities across the country to promote his new book, which is a top seller on Amazon in its first week. The book focuses on Sanders progressive campaign and his call to action under a Trump administration.

"Our job is to mobilize millions of people not going forward into bigotry, stand united transform our energy system, create a government that works for all of us and not just the one percent," Sanders told his supporters.

His book tour will take him to Vermont later this week and next week he heads to the West Coast.