DURHAM, N.H. (NEWS CENTER) — President Obama made a final election eve push for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, in what the White House called a "Get Out the Vote" event at the University of New Hampshire.

Obama has been visiting battleground states the last several days encouraging voters to cast their ballots for Clinton, while blasting her GOP rival Donald Trump, calling him "uniquely unqualified for the job."

In a close race, New Hampshire’s four electoral votes have become very important to the two candidates. Obama made that clear to the UNH crowd Monday.

"New Hampshire is small but important," he said. "There are scenarios where Hillary doesn't win if she doesn't win in New Hampshire."

While people were excited that the president chose to come to the UNH campus one day before the election, many said they were anxious to see the campaign end.

“It’s been so divisive and so vehemently angry," said Katherine Norling, a resident of Madbury N.H. "It’s been so disappointing for so many of us. Am I glad that it's almost over? Oh my gosh, yes."

After wrapping up in New Hampshire, the president headed to Philadelphia to join Clinton and her husband for the very last campaign event of this year's election.