LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Sen. Susan Collins is expected to announce next week whether she will run for governor. The senator said months ago she was thinking about running, and the speculation has intensified steadily since then.

Political people and regular Maine voters have been talking about it, wondering what Sen. Collins will decide. At Simones' Hot Dog Stand in Lewiston – where political discussions are part of daily life – some said they want her to run and some don’t.

Work goes on as Collins nears decision about Governor's race

"Stay where you are. To me it would be step-down," advised Republican Paul LeMay of Lewiston. Several others agreed, including Ben Santos, an IT worker who said he is an independent.

"I think she would do fine as governor but do more good overall in the Senate," said Santos. But Gordon Strout, a Republican from Sabattus, said he is no fan of Collins and would rather have someone else as Governor.

"I’ve been disappointed with her a long time. She’s basically a Democrat, calls herself a Republican," he said. Politicians are eager for Collins to make a decision, and three potential candidates for Governor have told NEWS CENTER they won't decide whether to enter the race until they know what Collins plans to do.

Linda Simones, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Jim, says she hopes Collins will run. "I think she as a woman represents kinder gentler, and that's something people are seeking. But shes still strong-willed," said Simones.

Her husband said he thinks Collins will run, though said he is personally undecided whether she should get into the race of stay in the Senate.