AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Maine Democratic Party met Sunday in Augusta to regroup after some hard losses this election season. Hillary Clinton did win the state of Maine, but lost Maine's second district - causing the first split Electoral College votes in the state's history. Also, Emily Cain, the Democratic candidate for Congress in the second district lost to incumbent Bruce Poliquin.

The annual meeting is scheduled after election season to regroup, discuss improvements and elect new board members for the next season.

Maine Democrats chair Phil Bartlett reflected on the losses but spoke mostly about what he says are the good things that the Democrats did throughout the campaign.

When it came time to elect a new party chair, the three candidates were Diane Russell, Phil Bartlett for re-election and Jonathan Fulford.

One change was that the more than 100 people in the room approved the use of ranked-choice voting for their own elections.

Afterward, however, not much changed, as the Democrats decided to re-elect every single officer to their positions, including Bartlett.

Diane Russell, who ran for chair, said that she saw ways for the party to improve to experience more success.

“People are not feeling like Democrats are representing their values, and we need to change that,” she said. “We need to reconnect with those folks and that means we need to actually be organizing and working in living in the communities’ hearts and minds that we are trying to win back.

"We need to reconnect with people in rural Maine and the parts of the state that may not be voting blue right now, and build those relationships and build those communities from the ground up all over again.”

The meeting was briefly interrupted by a major hiccup. When the Democrats moved on to discussing this year's budget, someone accidentally handed a copy of the confidential document to a Bangor Daily News reporter sitting in the room.

When the reporter immediately posted it on Twitter and the board members were notified, they alerted the crowd that the confidential document had been made public and that they would immediately end discussion on the budget topic with reporters in the room.

Several people got very upset at the reporter, as well.