AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Maine Legislature already has a lot of work lined up for the next session, and it's still more than two months away.

Legislative leaders on Thursday went through the ritual of choosing bills that will be debated during the 31½-month session, which begins in January. The second session is supposed to be for "emergency" bills, but the doesn't stop lawmakers from asking for many nonemergency measures to be allowed.

During Thursday's meeting of the Legislative Council, made up of the 10 leaders of the House and Senate, 272 proposed bills were brought up and the leaders accepted only 63 of them for the coming session.

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Those 63 bills will join 319 other bills that have been carried over from this year's Legislative session. Typically those are measures that were not able to pass but gained enough interest from party leaders to be kept alive for another year.

Those bills will eventually be joined by proposals from the Governor. There is no word yet how large a legislative package he plans, or whether the Governor will need to offer a supplemental budget plan to make changes in the state budget.