BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The President's proposed budget includes some good news for some of the states aging veterans, and for our defense contractors, but environmentalists, and low income families that depend on help to heat their homes, could be left out in the cold.

The Cranes at Bath Iron work will continue hoisting and moving around ship components. The Shipyard workers would benefit from the presidents proposed 10% increase in Defense spending.

The states aging veterans should be helped by a 6% increase in VA funding with plans to make improvements to VA facilities like TOGUS in Augusta, and to improve health care services to rural Maine veterans..

UMaine should be worried about it's ability to study the health of Maine lobsters--The President's proposed elimination of the $73 million dollar Sea Grant Program could jeopardize UMaine's lobster researchers.

Maine's lobster catch last year topped $533 million dollars

Cities and Towns are worried about the elimination of the $3 billion dollar Community Development Block Grant program. Bangor took in about $773-thousand in CDBG money last year and used it to fund programs to renovate and rehab abandoned homes. It also used CDBG money to provide loans to employers like C & L Aviation Group.

Mainers who depend on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program would also lose out. Last year the state took in about $34 million dollars to help Mainers in about 50 thousand households. that funding would be completely eliminated.

And Environmentalists are worried too, with the EPA's deep cuts, Maine could lose a third of its state grant programs for programs like Brownfields that cleanup industrial sites like the Bates Mill In Lewiston.