AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- One day after Governor Paul LePage made national headlines by saying Donald Trump could exercise " authoritarian power", the Governor summoned reporters to explain what he meant.

The Governor made the statement on a radio talk show Tuesday. But he said Wednesday he used the wrong word. The Governor told a State House press briefing he meant to say Trump would be "authoritative" In his actions, not "authoritarian".

But LePage essentially accused President Obama of being authoritarian himself. He called the president a dictator, for repeatedly using executive orders to implement policies he could not get through Congress -- policies Governor LePage does not like. The Governor singled out the roughly $20 trillion dollar national debt:

"With the government we have now the gridlock is so bad that its left to one individual who only cares about one thing, his legacy. And he is hurting us every single day he is hurting us," said LePage.

He said Donald Trump would be better able to handle the debt, even though the Governor admitted he doesn’t know the specifics of either candidate's debt plan nor what plan he prefers because he’s been busy campaigning.

LePage said he will stick with Trump, and will campaign for him this weekend when the candidate visits Bangor, ”if they ask me to”.

Democratic leaders said the Governor's comments were “incoherent” and that “LePage is completely unhinged, and hardworking Mainers are exhausted by the negative national media attention that their governor can’t stop creating.”