NORTH BERWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives Mark Eves is scheduled to make a "big announcement" Thursday night via Facebook Live.

That's according to a family-centered video released Thursday morning by the Democrat on Facebook and YouTube, which introduces you to Eves' wife Laura and their three young children at their North Berwick home.

Several political pundits familiar or close to the matter are confidently speculating it will be Eves' campaign announcement to run for governor of Maine in 2018.

The possible gubernatorial candidate is no stranger to the current Maine governor, Paul LePage. The two were embroiled in major controversy last year, with Eves accusing LePage of interfering with his job search.

A civil lawsuit filed by Eves in July 2015 asserted the governor engaged in blackmail after he threatened to withhold state funding from Good Will-Hinckley in Fairfield. That came after the school initially named Eves as president, then rescinded the offer.

In May 2016, a U.S. District Court judge threw out Eves' suit, ruling Gov. LePage had discretion when it came to budgetary issues and was immune from the allegations.

Eves was born in California to a public school teacher and retired military chaplain. It wasn't until age 11 his family finally settled in Louisville, Kentucky, after moving several times. There he attended both the University of Louisville and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

After moving to North Berwick around 2002 with Laura, whom he met while at Louisville Presbyterian, Eves began practicing family therapy in the area, serving as both a clinician and executive administrator for community health organizations while operating a private practice.

The two-term speaker, who precedes the chamber's present officeholder, served two terms in the House prior to being elected to leadership.

Eves will make the announcement at 7 p.m. from a backyard barbecue at his home in North Berwick.