AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Opponents of the federal REAL ID law are trying another way to stop Maine from complying with that law.

Federal officials have told the state that, starting next year, Maine driver licenses will no longer be accepted as ID to board airplanes, unless the state complies with REAL ID. A bill to require compliance had the potential be voted on by the Legislature's Transportation Committee as early as Thursday.

But two state senators — Democrat Shenna Bellows and Republican Eric Brakey — say they are launching a national effort to get President Trump to block the federal sanctions against Maine and several other states. They say that the REAL ID would put Mainers' privacy at risk.

The two senators said they hope to generate enough support around the country to stop the federal law where it is. They are circulating a letter to people, legislators and groups in other states to try to build support.

However, at a public hearing last week in Augusta, Sen. Bill Diamond – sponsor of the bill to require compliance with REAL ID – said GOP U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin had told him there was little chance Congress would change the law.