AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - Maine Gov. Paul LePage's proposed prohibition on miniature booze sales is dead after a key vote from the state's liquor commission.

The Louisiana-based producer of the Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and industry groups fought against the Republican governor's proposed prohibition on in-state sales of 50-milliliter alcohol bottles.

Fireball bottler fights against proposed ban on 'nips' sales

The LePage-appointed liquor commission voted 3-1 Tuesday to maintain the status quo.

The alcohol company Sazerac called the proposal politically motivated and lacking evidence.

Sazerac threatened to reconsider a planned expansion of its Lewiston plant.

Maine governor criticizes 'backroom deal' on nips bill

The fight began when LePage unsuccessfully opposed a Democrat's amended bill to reduce littering by adding a five-cent bottle deposit to the tiny liquor bottles.

LePage first said the bill would increase state redemption costs and later said it didn't do enough to combat drunken driving.