SWANVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A group of veteran farmers in Maine launched a project aimed at getting homeless vets off the streets and into a new career -- farming.

The first of 300 cottages are going up on a farm owned by Jerry Ireland. Ireland founded the United Farmer Veterans of Maine to help young veteran struggling with transitioning back from the battlefield to civilian life.

The 16-by-20 cottages are part of the '22 2-by-4 Campaign' which asks people to donate 66 dollars -- the cost of 22 two by fours.

Their goal is to raise $1.5 million dollars to build cottages where veterans will live and learn how to farm. A number of cottages are will located on farms owned by veterans who will mentor the vets.

'These can become safe places work and hour a day pays for their time to stay in the cottage they can figure out what they want to do get their life back together,' said Ireland.

The cottage program is open to male and female veterans and their children.