PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A group of seven people met at Maine Medical center Thursday afternoon for a somewhat unusual gathering.

They were there because of their kidneys.

Six members of the group had either given a kidney or received a kidney from someone in the room.

The seventh person plans to give a kidney soon.

They're all part of a kidney donation chain that began last year with a pediatrician from Brewer.

Dr. Bruce Brown read a newspaper article about an older man donating an organ.

He thought he'd like to as well and contacted Maine Med.

Thursday was the first time some of the people in the group met.

“We cried,” said Kim Huchel, who received her kidney from the wife of a man who received another group member’s kidney. “It's amazing to meet someone who was willing to give up an organ for you and really make your life better.”

The one person who has yet to make her organ donation says the gathering eased her stress.

“Coming here today actually put a lot of my anxiety to rest,” she said. “It was incredible.”

The organ donors hope to stay in touch.

They also want their donation chain to keep growing.