CORINTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- This weeks inspiring educator is Teri Brown of Central High School in Corinth She teaches cultural geography, but more importantly, she inspires her students, not only to develop new skills, but to have a vested interest in their community.

On Wednesday afternoons you can find Mrs. Brown with the the school's Crafting For Social Conscience Club which she helped to form several years ago. Mrs. Brown may have helped start the club but she says the students own it and run it. They make the hats, and scarfs, and quilts, and blankets, and they decide where to send the donated items.

"Braley might come in and say my mom works at nicu lets make hats for the nicu," explained Mrs. Brown.

A half a dozen or students sit around a table in the classroom, laughing and chatting. The atmosphere is very laid back. There are boxes of colorful yarns and fabrics on surrounding desks. And each of the students and Mrs. Brown sit around knitting and crocheting various items.

"What they're gaining is all intrinsic. it is all the satisfaction that they're helping other people," Mrs. Brown says.

The students buy the supplies themselves although some local businesses do donate supplies from time to time.

"You know when they're in my classroom i respect their ideas i respect their effort," she said. "I might not always agree with what they want do or what they want to say but that's not my choice as an educator. My job as an educator is just allowing them to have the skills and knowledge that they need so that they can be confident in their voice and they can be confident in being productive community members."