AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Mauri Dufour is a teacher at Fairview School and works to inspire the minds of kindergarten and first graders. When you enter her classroom you won't find her in front of the room teaching an entire lesson to her class. You will find her working individually with each student as they accomplish their tasks for the day.

The most unusual task you will find the five and six-year-olds in her classroom doing, blog posting. Dufour says blogging is a way for these young minds to share their thoughts with the outside world.

"Blogging is our fun. That's where the kids get to share, our classroom is no longer the four walls, it now spans the entire world," said Dufour.

Blogging also helps the students learn about sentence structure and the fundamentals of writing.

"It's really expanding the whole writing process for them and getting them to want others to be able to read and respond to what they are writing," said Dufour.

The blogging is all done from each students iPad and they have the creative freedom to chose what they want to write about.

"Just because they are five-year-olds doesn't mean that it needs to stop them. Let's empower these five year olds to put their voice out there," said Dufour.