RICHARD ANGOTTI has volunteered for more than 40 years in the Katahdin region. He started by helping churches put on choral concerts and went on to assist with school concerts and musicals.

Through the years, “Mr. A” has become the driving force for technical expertise when it comes to the Performing Arts in the Millinocket School Department. He helps students with lighting, building sets, sound engineering—even purchasing and donating equipment to Walker Auditorium at Stearns Jr. /Sr. High School. While Rick’s passion for theater and the performing arts has enhanced the school program to a level far beyond expectation, it also has inspired his students far beyond graduation to volunteer and pursue careers in the arts, a real point of pride.

Warren Steward wrote in his nomination letter that “It is Mr. A who is always looking for the good in everyone, to help, and to assist the students perform to their potential.” His yearly commitment in time over the years has ranged from 800 to 1600 hours; add his contributions as a trustee of the First Congregational Church in Millinocket and his time as a town councilor, and you see the kind of leader Rick is in his community.