Paul House is a life-long Maine woodsman and Registered Master Guide. His world changed in 2007 when he received word that his son, US Army Sergeant Joel House, had been killed in action in Iraq. Following his son’s military memorial service in Fort Hood, Texas, Paul set out to provide a place to help veterans and their families find healing and comfort which ultimately became the House in the Woods.

This nonprofit organization offers outdoor programs that bring small groups of military veterans and their families together to relax, share, bond and deal with the stress, loss, pain and other emotions which can haunt the grieving soul. Over the past eight years, Paul has spent his days managing the House in the Woods, coordinating volunteers and personally guiding outdoor activities that include hunting, fishing, and boating. In addition to the House in the Woods activities, Paul has established a memorial fund to award summer camp scholarships to school-aged children from Maine.

Vietnam veteran Deane Smith wrote, “Paul took a very tragic event of the loss of his son to help heal the physical and mental scars of veterans from all over America.”