MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- First lady Michelle Obama hit the campaign trail today for Hillary Clinton.

While her husband spent the day in Ohio and Pennsylvania on behalf of the democratic nominee, Michelle Obama visited New Hampshire, a key battleground state in the presidential election.

The first lady spoke for about a half-hour in a speech that was energetic, enthusiastic and at times fiery.

“Are you all with me? Ready to roll up your sleeves?”, she asked the crowd at Southern New Hampshire University.

There were three themes to Michelle Obama’s speech. She started out blasting Donald Trump. She didn’t mention him by name once, but it was clear she was referring to his inappropriate comments and behavior towards women.

“It is cruel, it’s frightening and the truth is it hurts, it hurts. But New Hampshire be clear. This is not normal. This is not politics as usual”, she said.

She then shifted to pumping up Hillary Clinton saying she is the only candidate that will put people first.

“Someone with strength and compassion to lead this country forward and let me tell you I am here today because I believe with all my heart that Hillary Clinton will be that President”, she said.

Finally, she urged everyone to make sure they get out and vote. She said the women’s vote is so important, adding that In 2012 it was the difference between her husband winning and losing in key swing states.

The first lady’s speech fired up Portsmouth resident Lynn Aaby

“We can’t just ignore this and say it’s just another politician, it’s just part of the political process. Referring to Mr. Trump and the things that have been said”, she said.

The first lady told voters they can’t get disgusted and just give up. She said if they don’t vote or cast their ballot for another third candidate, they are just helping Donald Trump.