GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.- The reasons parents buy prepackaged food is more clear now than ever before. New research from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing explored why parents opt for processed meals. Reasons include:

• 57 percent of parents buy it they don't have time to prepare other foods
• 49 percent say their family really likes prepackaged foods
• 33 percent purchase prepackage foods because their kids are able to prepare them
• 27 percent said their inexpensive
• 22 percent of parents said they just don't know what else to make
• 11 percent percent say it's food the entire family will eat

So why does this matter? Research also shows these prepackaged foods have higher in fat, sodium, and the emulsifiers common in processed foods are even linked to cancer in mice.

Knowing the obstacles that hinder "real food" consumption are the first step in changing diet.

So with all of this in mind, Melissa Horning, who led the research, will share her tips for eating less processed foods.