(NEWS CENTER) -- Frederick Taylor, the missing 82-year-old man from York, was located on Sunday afternoon. According to the Penobscot County Sheriff's Department, Taylor spent the night in his truck, stuck in mud along a woods road in Lagrange.

A Forestry Service helicopter spotted Taylor's truck off of Howland Road at about noon on Sunday after nearby residents called police in the morning to report hearing a vehicle's horn. Taylor's truck was stuck about a quarter mile into the woods.

He had a left a home in Hudson on Saturday to go to a nearby store and never showed. He had traveled about 25 miles.

Hungry and thirsty, he was taken to a hospital in Bangor to be evaluated. Officials are working to remove his truck from the woods.

According to his son, Scott Taylor, his father is familiar with the roads in that area and has driven them for 25 years. He said that he doesn't know what happened. He said, "he just lost his way. He mentally couldn't remember. He knew where he was. He knows everybody. He just gets confused when he goes out."

Scott said that neither he nor his family slept at all. He also said that had it not been for the agencies and people involved in the search, his father probably wouldn't have been found so quickly. He is very grateful to everyone that helped and says that finding his father was a good Mother's Day gift for his mom.