BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Members of health care organizations from nine different counties came together Monday to work on a tabletop zombie apocalypse outbreak.

Although the situation is not likely, the Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems said this day-long preparedness exercise can be applied to any infectious disease outbreak.

“It’s kind of a fun way and memorable way to practice emergency response,” MEMA spokesperson Susan Faloon said.

Although it’s not the first zombie apocalypse scenario that came to Bangor, it is the first that relied heavily on cellphone use.

“We’re using it as a listening tool, and we’ll also be able to reign in some of the rumors because we know that happens sometimes with social media,” Faloon said.

She said communication is the first step to stop the spread of disease and test response capabilities.

“We don’t entirely know what’s in store, and that would be the case in any disastrous situation," Faloon said. "You can’t always predict all of the scenarios."

She said if they can handle zombies, they can handle anything.