(NEWS CENTER) — Have you ever wanted to tell us what you think about a story? Ever wanted to share your opinion with us LIVE? Ever wanted to know the PULSE of Maine? Well, we believe we've found a way for you to share your opinions.


NEWS CENTER is proud to announce a partnership with Megaphone TV that will allow you to interact with us, during our newscasts, and see the results in real-time.

How do you get involved? Well, if you use a computer, simply visit pulse.newscentermaine.com, and when we are live with a poll question, vote away!

If you are on our mobile apps, we have a Megaphone TV tile ready to click.

Think of our current MORNING REPORT experience for the Morning Stumper. With Megaphone TV, we can run the question the entire show and have you pick your answer LIVE on TV. How cool is that?

Megaphone TV describes themselves as, 'world’s first Participation Entertainment Studio, created to meet the rapidly changing viewing habits of consumers. With 3 Emmy nominations and an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media," Megaphone enhances the viewer experience of live video content through unique features such as interactive on-air graphics, nationwide real-time audience polling, contests and gaming, social media, and interactive ads tailored to any show. '

If you use our website, bookmark PULSE.NEWSCENTERMAINE.COM. If you're on mobile, check out the PULSE tile. You can help us find out what the PULSE of Maine is.