ALFRED, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An inmate at the York County jail said Tuesday that he is unsure why Federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents issued a "detainer" form for him.

Franklin Salcedo was arrested in May of 2016 on a drug trafficking charge. That is one of many charges he currently faces. Salcedo said he is originally from the Dominican Republic, and said he has been in the country for years, and has legal documentation to prove it, including a Social Security number.

"I have my resident card and everything. I have my social. I've worked here. I'm 100 percent sure I'm here legally," said Salcedo.

A detainer form is a request from ICE, asking sheriffs to hold an inmate for no more than 48 hours while agents investigate the inmate's immigration status.

Governor Paul LePage ordered Maine sheriffs to follow these ICE requests, threatening to remove them if they did not, after some sheriffs said publicly they would not.

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Salcedo said he is a permanent resident of Lawrence, Massachusetts, and wonders why ICE would have any reason to investigate him.

"I asked what is the reason for it and they said they cannot tell me why," said Salcedo.

York County Sheriff Bill King, who also said he would not hold inmates on ICE detainers due to lawsuits filed in other parts of the country, where people sued sheriffs for large amounts of money.

"What can be happening in that 48 hours that can't be happening right now?" said Sheriff King.

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Salcedo said the uncertainty of being kept in jail or possibly deported worries him.

"That's a torture -- me thinking every day for almost three months. I have an ICE detainer. Why? Why? Why?" said Salcedo. "We got family and they don't understand that. It's frustrating, you don't even know. Sometimes you want to commit suicide."

The Sheriff says he has required Salcedo to go speak to a mental health counselor. Salcedo is still awaiting court dates on his multiple charges in different counties.

NEWS CENTER reached out to ICE to learn why they issued a detainer for Salcedo, and to confirm if he is the country legally or not -- but has not heard back.