STANDISH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The yearbook photo that became the talk of Bonny Eagle High School is now part of the national discussion about guns.

The picture shows Bonny Eagle senior Wade Gelinas holding his shotgun. He wanted the picture to appear in the yearbook of the Standish school to show his love for hunting. In denying his request, school officials cited the code of conduct that prohibits depictions of weapons.

Gelinas posted the picture on Facebook with an explanation of his viewpoint. Comments quickly multiplied with strong opinions on both sides.


The story grew even bigger after being featured on NEWS CENTER last week. National news services picked up the story - from FOX News to TIME Magazine to the New York Post.

"It's crazy," Gelinas said in a follow-up interview. "All the attention. I still can't believe just over a little Facebook post, me ranting a little bit. It got so big."

But still - the school policy remains the same. Gelinas had hoped sharing his story might spark a policy change, and he's still hopeful after the national attention.

He says he's gotten a lot of support from his peers. "Almost every person that I am friendly with, they've all come up to me and said they are on my side and think it's okay," he said.