ORRINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For many Mainers, summer time is yard sale season. At Orrington's Endless Yard sale there's about 100 families hosting yard sales across the town. That tends to draw bargain hunters from long distances.

But in this age of online sales and swap and sell sites on social media pages, are yard sale becoming a thing of the past? Those NEWS CENTER spoke with both buying and selling, say for them, hosting, or going to yard sales is as much about the experience as it is about the deal.

"It's more fun for these folks you see these folks walking around. They're having a blast," explained Candace Ward, who was hosting a yard sale along with her mother, sister, and friends.

"Yeah we're having fun and it's a family affair all the way," added her sister, Melinda Ward.

Others we posed the question to on Facebook had mixed responses about whether they prefer hosting yard sales or selling their items online.

Emmalee Elizabeth Savage wrote: "It depends on the item. Yard sale is great is great for items such as couches and clothes but electronics are a great sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Clyde Williams wrote: "Uncle Henry's is still very useful. I sold some doors, windows, and a lawn vac there last year for the prices I asked.

And Sally Edmondson Peeples wrote: "I've had good luck with social and the letgo app.!"