PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Last Friday, a truck slammed into the back of a car on the interstate about three miles north of mile marker 19 in Wells. Fifty-seven-year-old Earl Gray and his passenger, 5-year-old Wyatt Frost, were killed.

The two victims were not related, but they had a special friendship, one their families wanted to share with the world.

Earl was a volunteer driver with the York County Community Action Program. Twice a day, five times a week, for the past two years, Earl drove Wyatt to school at the Morrison Center in Wells.

Autism limited Wyatt's verbal communication, but his parents said they could always tell how happy he was to see and spend time with Earl.

As they drove, their families' said they formed a special bond. Earl would teach Wyatt special greetings to say to his parents, or drive by farms to show him the animals.

Friends of Earl said he had a way with children, and spending time in the car with Wyatt brought joy into his life.

Wyatt's parents said the accident wasn't Earl's fault, and they take comfort in the fact that their son had his friend by his side when it happened.