If Maine Senator Collins chooses to run for governor she'll likely have to beat at least three opponents in a Republican primary first.

Former state DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew, House Republican leader Ken Fredette and state senator, Garrett Mason, have all already started campaigning.

Fredette is waiting until Senator Collins’ announcement to comment on how he thinks her candidacy might affect the race.
Senator Garrett Mason says Collins choosing to run won’t affect his ambitions at all.
He hopes the senator stays in Washington, especially if he's governor.

“I'd like to see Susan stay right where she is,” he said. “She has incredible seniority in the United States Senate and when I need somebody to get something done in Washington, there's nobody else I'd rather turn to than Senator Collins.”
Would- be opponent, Mary Mayhew says a Collins run won’t affect her campaign either.

"I’m really not concerned about who else may throw their hat in the race for Governor,” she told NEWS CENTER through a spokesman. “This race is about the future of our state and the success of Maine families and businesses not the fate of a D.C. politician. I am prepared to fight for Maine families and for a brighter future for our state. I am ready to provide strong leadership and make the tough decisions to grow Maine's economy with good paying jobs, not to grow government and raid the paychecks of hardworking Mainers. "

Collins may also face a fourth challenger.
Businessman Shawn Moody, who ran as an independent in 2010 joined the Republican Party this week and is believed to be contemplating another run for the Blaine House.