SKOWHEGAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A Maine woman is speaking out about an attack that happened on Memorial Day which left her bloodied, bruised and her confidence crushed.

Kami Thorpe was living with her young son in an apartment in Skowhegan. She said the grandson of her neighbor across the hall broke in while Thorpe and her young son slept. She said she woke up to find him on top of her in her bed — his hands punching her in the face and skull.

"The first thing I did was I threw him off me," Thorpe recounted. "He got right back up on me staying behind me like he’d done this a thousand times before."

It has taken months for Thorpe to feel safe enough to speak publicly about what happened, she said, at the hands of 26-year-old Colby Giggey.

Giggey is spending the next 18 months at the Maine Correctional Center (MCC) on charges of burglary and aggravated assault, all connected with the June attack.

It was an attack so brutal, it left her face bruised and bloodied — two black eyes, her nose broken and the back of her head, punched so many times, Thorpe lost count.

"… Gave me a severe brain concussion where I couldn’t even remember one word from the next. I went back to the emergency room twice because I thought my brain was bleeding, thought for sure I had brain damage," she said. "The pain, the severity, I couldn’t even lay my head down on a pillow. Even the softest pillow was painful."

Nearly six months later, kami’s physical injuries are healing.

"I was looking over my shoulder every second," she demonstrated, with cracking voice. "I’m just choked up, there’s no words of how scared you can be when someone does this to you and they’re still on the streets and you feel like no one is taking you seriously. You feel alone."

Emotionally fragile, she bought a knife and pepper spray, then posted her story on Facebook. It was shared a thousand times. "Two other people came to me with, that he had done that to them, too."

But neither woman pursued charges. As for Thorpe, she is determined she will fully heal.

"I’ve come far, and I’m a strong woman and that’s what I’ve realized due to this now," she said. "And I’m gonna heal because he’s not going to win."

Police in Skowhegan arrested Giggey a week after the attack. At his trial, he was ordered to serve 18 months of a six-year sentence, a sentence Thorpe said she feels is lenient. Giggey was transferred Thursday by furlough from Somerset County Jail to MCC.

When asked whether this was standard, MCC couldn't comment other than to say they normally don't allow furloughs in general.

Thorpe meanwhile has moved away from Skowhegan and is considering moving out of state for her own safety and her son’s.