OLD TOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – With thousands still without power across the state, there are more and more stories of neighbor helping neighbor.

Donna Closson reached out to NEWS CENTER on Facebook to share what happened to her.

"I was ready to tough it out,” Closson said.

Her Old Town neighborhood lost power after Monday’s storm. The next morning, she found a note on her door.

“Hi there! So you might have noticed that we got our generator running today. We were wondering if you'd like us to run an extension cord to your place for fridge, lights or chargers,” Closson read.

The letter was from her next door neighbors—all college students at UMaine.

“The guys” as she calls them ran an extension cord through her backyard into her backdoor so that she can keep her food cold and charge her cell phone. She said they even have been bringing her a cup of coffee every morning.

"They're just a wonderful group of kids,” she said.

Closson admitted she was a little nervous when students first moved in. Now she is pleasantly surprised.

"This is our next generation. And these guys prove that with a little love this world can go far,” Closson said.

Closson said nothing can repay them, but she has a truly Maine way to say thanks.

"When I get power back, I'm making them whoopie pies!" she said.

Parts of Old Town were still without power Thursday morning as crews across the state continue to work to restore power by the weekend.