WINDHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A threat to Smitty's Cinema emptied theaters across Maine during the busy Easter holiday weekend.

Windham police took a call around 9:15 p.m. on Saturday from the manager of the local Smitty's saying a non-specific threat to the theater had been left at another of the chain's locations.

Police evacuated the theater as a precaution, and a K9 unit searched the building. Nothing suspicious was found, and staff was allowed to reenter the theater after 11 p.m. to close up.

Precautionary evacuations were also conducted at other Smitty's locations across the state. The chain has theaters in Biddeford, Topsham, Sanford and Tilton, N.H.

Police said they do not see any further threat to public safety. However the incident remains under investigation, including notification of the FBI by local authorities.