PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Monster Blizzard Stella may have battered the state of Maine on March 14-15, 2017. But these brave Mainers bared their strength and style during harsh winds and 20+inches of snowfall.

Brenda Greczkowski Adler‎ shows off her mermaid niece enjoying the blizzard!

Sheila Skeffington Myhaver‎ says she's "enjoying the storm in Gray! Let it snow!"❄️"

Brittney Lamothe takes the prize for walking through the streets of Lewiston with the wind and snow!

Travel plans impacted by storm

‎‎Ednchristine Flaherty‎ says loving Stella, the snow and enjoying the hot tub.

Melissa Clark Sprague says "this the only way to spend a snow day in Swanville, Maine."