ORLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Eliza Winder lost power around eight o'clock on Monday morning. Winder is on oxygen and needs electricity to keep her oxygen machine running. She had a back up generator to keep her power on, but that runs on propane.

"I called to get some propane, and they said they couldn't come up here," said Winder.

A power line had fallen across the dirt road leading up to Winder's house, preventing any commercial propane vehicle from getting to her.

"The wires were too low for any big vehicle to get through," said Winder.

Winder's neighbor says he called Emera Maine about the issue multiple times, including Thursday morning. Emera Maine says their records indicate a call to Winder's address at 9:45 on Friday morning.

On Friday afternoon, the cable was moved and Winder's power was restored.

"What a relief," said Winder.

Emera Maine says they should have power restored to nearly all of their customers by Saturday night. They encourage customers with issues to call and report them to the company so they can have a record of it.

"The only people that we do not anticipate that we will have back online today are those camps of seasonal locations that are very, very remote. But we are still asking people to make sure to reach out to us if they have not reported their outage," said Emera Maine communications specialist Judy Long. "To make sure that we have it on record. And to let us know if they have any concerns about what is attached to their house - if that is their private equipment or that is something that Emera Maine is responsible for taking care of."