WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Westbrook has not forgotten about its favorite local monster!

The town threw a special party Saturday, dubbed "Wessie Fest," to honor the alleged "10-foot python" still on the loose.

Kids got to play a variety of Wessie-themed games, like a snake trivia scavenger hunt, and even got to take pictures with a snake.

Bill Brock of the Discovery Channel's "Monsters Underground" came out to speak to the crowd about what it's like to hunt "monsters" like Wessie.

Unfortunately, Wessie didn't come out of hiding to join in the fun, and the snake hunt had to be canceled because of the rain. But that didn't stop everyone from having a good time.

“Just a fun way for the community to come together and celebrate the weirdness,” Downtown Westbrook Coalition chair Abigail Cioffi said. “You get people from all over the country who say, 'You're from Westbrook? The place with the snake on the loose?' It's just a fun thing to be able to associate with your city.”