FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (NEWS CENTER) -- A man from Wells is in the midst of a new clinical trial in an effort to help him overcome a rare form of stage four lung cancer.

Justin Perry began a new clinical trial in August, after learning in the spring of 2017 of a new tumor growing on his brain. Perry attended the Patriots' historic comeback win in Super Bowl LI in Houston thanks to a gift from his doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Patriots, winning an all-expenses paid trip.

WATCH: Mainer battling cancer gets trip of a lifetime to Super Bowl 51

Perry attended the first preseason game of the 2017 season at Gillette Stadium.

"The Super Bowl -- hands down – craziest game that I ever thought I was going to witness," said Perry. "I'm still enjoying life, living life. I'm feeling good. I don't notice anything, but we're staying on top of that, being proactive."

Perry is one of just a dozen people in the United States to participate in a new clinical trial.

"It's a little bit nerve-racking, but I'm ready to take on the challenge and hopefully help others, and tonight helps ease that pain."

Perry said he channels the Patriots' determination to win the Super Bowl in his fight against cancer.

"They could've given up in the third quarter when they were down 28 to 3 and they did not. They dug deep and they look like a brand new team out there. They came out won the Super Bowl," said Perry. "I could have just been like, 'I've been battling this for five years, I've made a good run but I'm getting tired,' but you just have to dig deep and keep digging and keep fighting and hopefully one day they might have a cure for this, but until then you just have to keep fighting. Nights like tonight make it a lot easier, celebrating at Gillette Stadium, I mean it's pretty hard to be done on life with you're at Gillette stadium watching the New England Patriots."