Maine loves lobster, yes we do. Maine loves tomalley....oh really? Is that true?

That green, mushy goodness found inside lobster is an acquired taste. Not to mention it's the lobster's liver and pancreas.

And, according to a recent article from Thrillist, it's something Mainers love, but is actually kind of gross.

"While it's deep with flavor you've likely unknowingly encountered in soups and sauces and the like, some Mainers swear by eating the stuff straight up," writes Wil Fulton. "Let's just say there's a reason it hasn't caught on as a popular lobster roll topping."

So, I put it to the test thanks to the folks at Old Port Sea Grill & Raw Bar. Within 12 minutes, my lobster was steamed and fresh tomalley was scraped out of the shell and onto a piece of pita bread.

The verdict: it actually wasn't bad. At all. The flavor was a salty, potent one. The consistency was close to a thick and gooey chowder. We won't get into the color.

I asked our viewers whether they're into the shunned delicacy and got all sorts of answers: 'gross,' 'disgusting,' 'LOVE IT!!!,' 'just say no to lobster' (really?!). Someone even emailed me a short story about tomalley.

Many people also said they pair it with saltine crackers or a bread. That's definitely the route I will continue to take (yes, I would eat it a second time. Perhaps a third.)

So, what do you think? Tell NEWS CENTER whether you love it or hate it, or have never even wanted to try it: email me at, or send me a tweet @KatteyOrtizTV.