AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The lawyer who prosecuted Anthony Sanborn nearly 25 years ago for murder is insisting he is still guilty and claims, at the time of conviction, that he was a "brutal thug."

Pamela Ames, now a defense attorney, had a lot of criticism for the judge who let Sanborn out on bail last week, saying it’s "almost unbelievable."

Sanborn, who was serving a 70-year prison sentence for the murder of an ex-girlfriend, was freed by a judge after questions about the case against him came to light. Among the questions: Did the prosecutor in the case, Ames, and police investigators influence the testimony of a key witness and mishandle evidence in order to get that conviction?

Ames said Sanborn had an extensive juvenile file and ran a prostitution ring. The former prosecutor also said that Sanborn’s current wife had been part of his street gang, too, and at one point had told police Sanborn killed Briggs.

Ames believes all of this evidence was overlooked by the judge who gave Sanborn bail and, in doing so, made a grave error.

"We had the truth and we knew we had the truth. I knew we had the truth. We put it before a jury," Ames said. "I did not convict Anthony Sanborn. A jury of 12 people heard all of the evidence and found beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty of murder."

Sanborn has been out of jail for over a week now. Shortly after his bail hearing last Thursday, his family posted the $25,000 bail. State witnesses, including Ames and a detective, are getting ready to testify at another hearing in his case on May 24.