SOUTH PARIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant has resigned following an investigation into claims he sent lewd pictures of himself and propositioned at least two employees for sex.

According to an Oxford County administrator, the sheriff's lawyer said that the county's treating it as a "face value" resignation.

Oxford County commissioners voted Tuesday to issue a complaint to Gov. Paul LePage to remove Sheriff Gallant from office. Commissioners are allowed to request action, but the seat of county sheriff is an elected position, therefore the power of removal is reserved to the governorship itself.

Commissioners to issue complaint to remove Sheriff Gallant from office

According to an Oxford County administrator, an independent investigation into Gallant's conduct was authorized in mid-November, after having received information that "required further review."

A union representative told NEWS CENTER one of the accusers claims Gallant sent lewd photos of himself to a deputy's girlfriend and suggested that all three have sex. When the deputy confronted Gallant and rebuffed his advances, the sheriff threatened his job, according to the rep.

Union head calls for resignation of Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff

Another complaint detailed by the representative accuses Gallant of writing a message on his phone stating he wanted to perform oral sex on a male employee and then showing it to that employee.

Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant under investigation

NEWS CENTER obtained photos related to the investigation but has chosen not to publish them. Some show both Gallant's face and genitalia.

Gallant stepped down as head of the Maine Sheriffs' Association shortly after initial reports of the case surfaced. Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce was named interim president of the organization.

Oxford County's chief deputy will take Gallant's place for the time being