SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Many Hannaford customers have been wondering when they'll have full pick of their favorite fruits and vegetables, after fire destroyed thousands of dollars worth of inventory.

Firefighters say the flames started Wednesday in a refrigerated tractor trailer truck docked at a back in the back of the building. The fire spread into the warehouse, which activated the fire alarms around 8 at night.

Now, signs on shelves or against deli counters read, "Pardon our appearance. Some product deliveries to this store have been delayed due to a warehouse fire."

"There have been some delays in the times for those deliveries," said Eric Blom, a spokesperson for the company. "Particularly over the weekend, when volume was high, there were instances of low inventories on some items, depending on when a customer went into the store and whether the truck had arrived. We are catching up on deliveries and do apologize to customers for any inconvenience."

Meanwhile, posts came on social media. Some asking their friends if it was worth heading to Hannaford to shop yet, or if they should wait for another delivery.

Blom says they're working as quickly as they can do replenish what was lost, "We anticipate things evening out over the next couple of days."