SQUARE LAKE, Aroostook County, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Maine Wardens have found the body of Mark Chambers Sunday night.

Wardens had been searching for 11 days. Divers found Chambers body in 48 feet of water about one and half mile south of where they had found Eric Sherwood's body on June 23.

Chambers was the last person missing from a group of four men who went fishing on June 13.

Officials say their boat capsized and they clung to the vessel for several hours. Charles Guimond, 23, from Fort Fairfield drifted to shore on June 14. Officials say he had been wearing a life jacket.

Wardens found the body of Martin Chambers, 56, also from Fort Fairfield on June 14.

The body of Eric Sherwood, 43, from Fort Fairfield was recovered on June 23.

Wardens say a total of 1400 acres were searched in an area of one mile wide and 2.5 miles long.

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