(NEWS CENTER) -- University of Maine men's basketball coach Bob Walsh says the bribery scandal that's sweeping through college basketball right now is sad, but not surprising.

Coaches have been arrested, and former Celtics head coach Rick Pitino was put on unpaid leave by Louisville amid a federal investigation into bribery schemes at some of the nation's top programs.

Walsh was on the road recruiting on Thursday. He told us by phone that Maine's program is a far cry from the elite teams that are pursuing the country's top talent, but as Division I coach who plays by the rules, the scandal is frustrating to him.

"I hope we are not naive enough to look at certain schools, certain coaches, certain situations and think 'This was happening there, okay we took care of them, it's no longer an issue,'" says Walsh. "College basketball deserves people to have a bad taste in their mouths about what they're looking at right now. Hopefully we can make it better."

Walsh continued to say he hopes the federal investigation will spark major changes in college basketball recruiting practices.