CYPRESS, Texas (NEWS CENTER) -- My aunt Rowena woke up with positive news to share Tuesday morning -- the water in front of her home has started receding and is now below 50 inches.

"Can breathe a bit now," Rowena said. "Was worried it was so close to coming into the house!"

However, the battle is far from over. The rain is still coming down and water from a second reservoir is set to be released today, which could cause major damage to thousands of homes in the area. "Many neighborhoods will flood," Rowena said. "Don't think ours will, but water is unpredictable and can go everywhere!"

Some third floor apartments in the area have experienced flooding and even bridges have collapsed. There are lots of people out in boats helping to rescue neighbors that are stranded in their homes. There were also been a few tornadoes that have touched down in the area. "When we hear the sound of a train we have to head under the stairs," Rowena said. "Unlike Maine we don't have basements so we find the inner most room in our homes or under stairs."

I have asked her to show me around the neighborhood again this afternoon after she and my uncle get some rest. I'll update with info and video as soon as that happens.