PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Many refugees seeking better homes throughout the world are forced to carry their small children through rough, and sometimes dangerous, conditions.

A group of volunteers in Portland is hoping to make their journey a little bit easier.

Carry the future is a nonprofit that collects baby carriers and delivers them to refugees in Europe. This year alone, they were able to deliver 250 carriers from Maine to Greece.

The team hosted a play and pack event Sunday in Portland where volunteers packed up the carriers for delivery and wrote notes of encouragement to the refugee families. They hope this will start a larger conversation about refugees in Maine.

"The bigger piece that I'm really hoping for today is to just help families know how to speak to their children about the refugee crisis, to help families to know how to participate in refugee work here in Portland, welcoming our new neighbors who are arriving and also how they can reach out across the ocean."

There were also raffles to raise money for the nonprofit.