NAPLES, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- New details in two shootings in the Lakes Region Sunday shed light on what led to the incident.

The shootings left two men are dead and a third wounded.

Spokesperson for Maine Public Safety Steve McCausland said 59-year-old Norman Strobel was shot and killed after exchanging gunfire with Cumberland County Sheriff's Deputies at a Songo School Road mobile home.

According to officials, the incident began when Strobel allegedly pounded on the door of a camp on Winifred Lane in Casco and identified himself as a Cumberland County Sheriff's deputy.

NEWS CENTER has learned 55-year-old Richard Diekema drove Strobel to the camp.

When two residents came to the window, Strobel allegedly fired shots through the window. Jason Almeida was shot four times and is being treated at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

His girlfriend, Alyssa Goulet, escaped the shooting uninjured.

Officials say Strobel then called his ex-girlfriend and Alyssa's mother, Sandra Goulet, to admit he was involved in the shooting. Police say Sandra had a restraining order against Strobel.

After pinging Strobel's phone, law enforcement was led to a mobile home on Songo School Road in Naples, according to McCausland. There they found an individual sitting in a chair who appeared to have been shot.

That victim was identified as Diekema, the man who drove Strobel to Casco.

Deputies entered the home to provide aid believing the man was Strobel. Instead they were met with gunfire. Deputies shot and killed Strobel in the shootout.

Officials say Diekema lived in the mobile home, and Strobel had recently moved in.

According to public records from the Rhode Island Criminal Justice Department, Strobel had a long rap sheet. He had previously been convicted of domestic assault, sexual assault, robbery, and conspiracy.

Police say Strobel had threatened Sandra Goulet and her family before. Earlier in the week, officials say, Strobel had stolen Sandra's two dogs. The dogs were found safe in the mobile home today.

No deputies were injured, but the two deputies involved, Dep. Feeney and Dep. Brill, are currently on leave.

State Police and the Maine Attorney General's Office are now investigating.