BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – A Vietnam Veteran battling a serious rare bacterial infection at a hospital in Bangor was finally being transferred to a VA Hospital in Boston Saturday.

66-year-old David White from North Carolina was visiting his daughter in Bangor when he fell ill and checked in to St. Joseph Hospital.

His daughter, Heather Donald, said she struggled with the VA for days to get her father transferred. She said doctors told her he needed to see a specialist because the infection could not be treated with antibiotics.

“It's extremely frustrating,” Donald said. “They're telling me that there's nothing they can do. They don't have space available."

Donald took to Facebook, was interviewed by 13 News Now in North Carolina and The Boston Globe. She also reached out to Senator Collins Congressman Poliquin’s offices in search of answers.

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"My biggest fear is that he's going to pass away in this bed in Bangor because people can't do the right thing,” she said.

NEWS CENTER first interviewed Donald Saturday morning. After several calls to the VA in addition to Donald’s calls, the VA responded Saturday afternoon.

VA Boston released this statement:

Today, working closely with St Joseph’s Hospital in Bangor Maine, Veteran David White will be transported to Massachusetts and receive specialty care at the West Roxbury campus of VA Boston.

Mr. White, a North Carolina Veteran, is a patient at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Maine and was accepted for transfer to VA Boston Healthcare System yesterday pending an open bed.

We value our relationships with our community and sister facilities and will continue to work together to deliver the highest quality care to Veterans at the VA and in the community.

"I am thrilled I am thankful,” Donald said. “But it shouldn’t take that.”

She said more needs to be done to help those who gave everything for their country.

“Not just for my dad, but for others,” she said. “There are so many other people out there that are in the same situation waiting for medical care and the VA is quite honestly getting in the way of that happening."

White was transferred to the facility in Boston by ambulance Saturday night. Donald said she plans to be right there by her father’s side until he gets better.

“I've always been daddy's girl,” she said.